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VoxOx for Linux

We are anxiously waiting for the Linux release of VoxOx. Please update...

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    AdminBryan (Admin, voxox) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Dave commented  · 

        Hopefully, we will see a Linux version soon. Currently running in virtual but it is a pain. Good product use it all the time.

      • jd evora commented  · 

        Looking forward for a linux version

      • kenny commented  · 

        Yes please release a linux compatible client!

      • Pablo commented  · 

        Support for Linux is a must! Please provide your client for such OS. You'll get instantly thousands and thousands of happy new users!

      • mark commented  · 

        My company is completely multiplatform. A conferencing solution needs to support Linux as well as Windows and Mac. So please count this as a big voe for a Linux client. Also, for our use, voice is much more important than video, so a working voice client is 98% of the functionality.

      • Josh commented  · 

        I also would enjoy Voxox on Linux. Can't stand using Windows for anything more than I have to, so a Linux version of Voxox would be great, and definitely increase it's popularity with us Windows haters.

      • southern comfort commented  · 

        Wine 1.2.2 didn't work for me, VirtualBox w/XP did. When i saw the words "download" on the Voxox website I knew there would probably be some kinda problem. But one way or another u can always find a way around problems... Gotta luv Linux!

      • Bart commented  · 

        Is there a linux version already, as without that I cannot uses voxox

      • Meatwad commented  · 

        I too would like to see a linux compatible client. I find myself moving away from Microsoft for my home / office computing platform due to the never ending vulnerability of its code.

        Make it happen VoxOx...

      • AdminMatt Howell (Admin, voxox) commented  · 

        Your mileage with Wine may vary depending on build. We do not officially endorse running on Linux / Wine yet, but we have heard of some users getting it to work. it's definitely something we would consider if the audience becomes large enough.

      • net_soul commented  · 

        it works with wine?

      • Hank commented  · 

        I have been using skype for a few years and I have 1 computer with windows 7 on it and 2 other computers I use for business that have linux distros on them which are Ubuntu 10.10 and Linux Mint 9 which is also based on Ubuntu. I want voxox to be available for at least Ubuntu linux distro so I can use it on both my linux pc's along with my windows 7 which you allready have it working with. I repair ,upgrade and build pc's for people and always install Ubuntu into my customers computers as a backup Operating System (dual boot) if they have enough extra harddrive space and most of the people I have done this for have ended up using ubuntu more than windows because it is faster,even on older PC's with windows XP on them. I am going to keep installing Ubuntu on windows xp and newer PC's and I know alot of other people have been doing this as well .Linux is overtaking windows and Google OS is also based on LINUX and that is going on alot of portable PC's so VoxOx should be getting ready to come to Linux. I am using my Linux based PC to type this right now. I do not hate my windows OS but Linux is faster,more stable and locked down so no windows viruses can be installed on it. I no longer want to use skype and VoxOx has better features including a free phone number the last time I checked. Please get VoxOx to work with Linux. Linux is free and will be installed on more PC's every year as an alternative to windows or installed beside it using dual boot option. I recommend anyone that wants a PC for business to try Ubuntu 10.10 or Linux Mint 9 or 10 .They are both free operating systems and you can search for them on google.

      • DARRELL YOUNG commented  · 

        Skype works for linux, Google Talk doesn't work. Many linux users would really love to use "Voxox" under linux. The more one uses linux, the more one hates "windows".

      • Francis Asselin commented  · 

        I would really like to have a linux Version. Even if it's still in a beta stage, release a PPA for ubuntu or a DEB package so we can help debug.

      • M commented  · 

        I would also like to see a Voxox for Linux. I'll try to test to see if it works in virtual Windows guest running under Linux host using VirtualBox.

      • shay commented  · 

        there are many, many others besides voxox that one could use to try and do what you're trying to accomplish. much easier through another source(s). so you have the right idea. but what you aren't realizing for some reason, is that if you would have been on their side, like they tried to do with you so long to begin with, then you would have had access to programs, files, revenue, etc that you could never imagine. mind blowing, man! and another "wise" (ha) man once told me that assumption is for the devil. and the new linux release i heard already happened?!?! a very long time ago?!?! maybe i am wrong. but probably not. hmm. something extremely analagous anyway, in my view. i think it was the year 2006 or so... yeah a pretty early time for a linux based calling program, but it happened, baby! it did! the linux compatible, and very DOMINANT USER. already came and gone. it was compatible but just kept disapearing! strangest thing, wow. you gotta catch it while it's hot though because for some reason it only lasts for apx 2 mos at a time. weird. it's just something to laugh about though. i forgot all about it though, it was just some dissapointment, man! if it would have had feelings it might have been alright. and man it must have been laaaazzzy or something geeezz because i would work on it and work on it and it would just keep quitting! but from my understanding you guys know what you are doing and you don't have to anxiously, uhm or patiently wait anymore, it's comin soon. you're doing the right thing by not sittin around waiting for it again i'm sure. because there are qutie a few parties involved here and baby, it ain't comin back even if it does rise from the grave again. haha especially since the company owes some revenue to someone, they get involved, and the company has been real, real ticked anyway since long before all this. anyway, there is quite a bit of drama that who knows caused it this time, probably me. hahahaha it's great though. and so many people are set on their planned justifications, their reasoning on why everything is the right thing to do.... and they think that the company is actually going to be humiliated, and that the company doesn't know what is going on to the full extent and ahahahahhhhaaaa so so so much more. it seems as though the users on here have a lot to complain about, you must all be women. haha and u seem to for some reason try extremely hard to assist in finding a compatible client to slip to the CEO....hmmmm. naughty naughty i'm sure its alllll for the best though. damn you guys sure are extremely linux dominant huh?!?! just kiddin though that's fantastic! hmm shall i suggest one more thing?? i know you love books and stuff they're pretty comforting huh?!?! it's pretty much all ya watch, or read, man you love this i know. would it have been a problem to kindly ask for the contact information to the customer service department? and the other hundreds of files that are just waiting to be used? i bet it wouldn't have been. because from what i hear, they wouldn't have minded. but i'm sure that this compatible.... well, user id=(reallyhugemistake) grew a mouth and shared it's false opinion. and this one crew grew eyes and ears and watched one hell of a show... with really, really, really good actors. silly. don't let it try to make you think you're gonna marry the piece or anything but damn, ladies, get a life! and some better programs who will keep you excited... i'm super stoked. you be too! damn, geeeezz sittin around wastin your time reading books and stuff hahahahaha. my books are better. your loss.

      • betatomic commented  · 

        By allowing SIP through other devices and programs, people with Linux would be able to receive and call out through the Voxox service on their Linux based calling program. However call spoofing and video may not be available to them. This would NOT require the creation of a Linux compatible client, to sell the service to Linux dominant users.

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