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The use of VoxOx with SIP devices

Currently Voxox does not permit the use of SIP devices - hope this feature will be included asap.

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    anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    under review  ·  AdminBryan (Admin, voxox) responded  · 

    It is a valuable suggestion that we are considering, but the main reason we needed to disable this option was to control fraud. By protecting our servers from the potential Fraud exposure, we are able to provide our other services at extremely competitive rates. We will continue to review this requirement. In the short term, you may want to look at our Telcentris Home service.


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      • hok commented  · 

        Having ability to connect to Voxox via SIP has been top voted suggestion since such ability has been disabled. Yet, for the sake of fraud prevention, ability to connect to Voxox via SIP has not been restored. As far as I can tell, Voxox major competitors are Skype and Google Voice. Both competitors do not offer SIP connection officially will give Voxox a great advantage if Voxox is willing to offer SIP connection officially.

        As to fraud prevention, I would suggest re-wording on Fair Use Policy and working on a program to monitor usage in real time and continuous fine turning the program like spam filter. Similar to credit card prevention program, once any undesirable usage or pattern detected, the account is blocked, and customer is notified for the customer to contact Voxox for unblocking.

        Voxox always reserve the right to refuse to do business with anyone. Voxox unlimited plans are meant for Voxox to make a profit. Any customer having usage or pattern of usage prevent Voxox to make a profit, the account will be blocked until customer contacts Voxox and agree to allow Voxox make a profit from the customer.

      • AdminErica (Admin, voxox) commented  · 

        The current VoxOx Call app for iPhone uses call back to allow users to place inexpensive calls while not relying heavily on their data plans. SIP support is on our mobile roadmap. Thanks for your feedback!

      • Musharraf Azeem commented  · 

        I think any serious telecom company should offer SIP support from the get-go.

        I am sure a lot of your prospective customers do a quick google search for "voxox android" and "voxox sip" and upon visiting the respective feature suggestion pages, find that neither feature is supported and never look back at Voxox. You are missing out on a larger consumer base.

        I have both an iPhone and an Android. The iPhone app is limited in that cannot receive or make calls from IN app. It relies on your iphone having a voice plan (ie. it can only work with your existing number).

        In that respect, Voxox is useless for me. The iPhone app and "Vox on the Go" are just fancy calling cards and there enough apps that offer the same services at about the same or better rates.

        I think Voxox needs to take advantage of its strengths: the one-number-for-all-communications. As appealing as that idea is, I and I'm sure many other people can't access it because of the lack of SIP or at least android support.

        I want to use Voxox to replace my voice plan. (I'd ideally use Google Voice + some sip service but they don't offer Canadian numbers).

        I want to pick a Canadian number with Voxox and be able to make calls directly though Voxox (without CallConnect) on Android, receive calls, & be able to receive / send texts. SIP would probably be the easiest way to set this up. (SMS over SIP can be done using MESSAGE or INVITE methods)

        Currently, I use Anveo which offers SIP support but their SMS rates are too high.

        So please set up SIP, it really is a nobrainer.

      • lama commented  · 

        what is this

      • Peter Goodwine commented  · 

        I have Cisco SPA-2102. I have signed up for VoxOx close to a year ago, but find I *never* use it since I cannot connect it to my ATA.
        Please provide the SIP settings!

      • Jack Batlin commented  · 

        I'd like to use VoxOx with Acrobits softphone. Is it possible that we can get the SIP settings for that? Or that you guys can work with Acrobits to be a provider for that?

      • A K commented  · 

        With sip voxox gonna be best competiton to the Google voice , Skype and Sipgate since google terminate gizmo5.Without sip setup for devices and cellphones its to hard the you can make money.

      • Daniel commented  · 

        This would definitely make me much more likely to use the service more often.

      • AllisterW commented  · 

        Make it easy for my Dad and Mom
        to call the grandkids and vice versa.

        They are of the generation which turned
        off the lights when they leave the room.
        So the computers are rarely left on.
        But a little SIP box would not bother
        them excessively if left on.

        Thanks for your consideration.

      • commented  · 


        A regular cordless phone connected to an ATA with your calling plans would be perfect for my parents. They are used to the interface available in a cordless phone. Also resetting the connection in case of trouble would only take to disconnect momentarily the ATA and their modem.
        My dad is old enough to not feel comfortable w/ using a mouse. Every time he wants to call Italy my mother has to get on the computer and do it for him (she has GREAT computer skills for her age) however it is painful using a software client anyway. My mother currently has a Unlimited world plan w/ Skype and I won't pay a penny extra (much less the $7 a month Skype wants to charge for "Skype connect" or "Sip for Skype" so that they can get a set of sip credentials that will work in one channel).

        If your system ever works with SIP credentials again I will switch their plan to a plan hosted by you.

        Skype is inconvenient for older people despite the fact that there are multiple phones/platforms available w/ Skype clients. I in fact bought an Ipevo stand alone cordless handset for about $120 + for my parents last year, but when it gets dis-configured resetting it is very painful. My parents don't speak English (the software on that phone is in English) and its wireless capabilities and reach are way less reliable than those on a regular cordless phone.

        There are several wireless networks at reach in their condo so when things go wrong they would have to get on the interface of the Ipevo (or any other Skype standalone) and mess with the settings that are in English to choose a local network etc. As a result of that that handset is not being used at all.

        I will switch their subscription to voxox once I can set an ATA box with sip credentials for them.

        Thanks for your consideration on this matter.

      • commented  · 


        I'm deeply disappointed to have learned in this forum that you just intentionally blocked users from using their Sip credentials that would allow them to use their own devices, but I can see how that allows you to get away with marketing "UNLIMITED" while actually offering a "CLEARLY LIMITED" product, (just like all TELCOS do).

        Blocking SIP credentials with the excuse of shielding the company from abuse is disingenuous at best. You are instead shielding yourself from people using your service "too much" on the "all you can eat" plans because it is clear that people will talk more w/ a cordless handset in their hands than if they had to turn their computers on.

        There's a huge difference between use and abuse and you aren't shielding yourself from abuse: You are just LIMITING our use of your service so that you can break even while offering your "UNLIMITED" services at a price point that's competitive w/ Skype.

        After this post I will point out one of the MANY legitimate reasons why anyone might want to use SIP credentials instead of your software client.


      • Gino commented  · 

        I have 1000 contacts who will benefit from use of your services to make outgoing and incoming calls, but they don't want to sit near their computers. They want to use your services on their iphone. If you don't have this feature, then you are going to the wrong direction and you target different group of users.
        you have lost our business

      • hok commented  · 

        As a trunk of PBX to receive and make calls with desired routing.

        The fact is that majority of VoIP traffic is in SIP. Not allowing SIP connection simply make your client software stay in minority of VoIP. That is why this concern gets most votes in feedback.

        We sincerely hope you will allow SIP connection again soon as many of us knew you disabled SIP connection intentionally by changing and hiding password. May we know the reason(s) why you decided to disable SIP connection?

      • stanski1 commented  · 

        "Since this is something you all are interested in, could share some details about your setup, and how you would incorporate this into your workflow? For example, what devices, software clients, etc. are you using?"

        Are you serious???? One word.... Asterisk. Or the flexibility to use any IP Phone.

      • Dave commented  · 

        Without SIP, how are users supposed to use it on their smart phones (I have a SIP app from Acrobits)? I note there is NOT an iPhone app, either.

        Unless you can release your own version of a mobile app that allows incoming/outgoing calls (e.g. like Yahoo Messenger's iPhone app), then there's little utility to using your service.

        I already have AT&T airtime Nationwide plan (which obviously entails additional costs when you run over the alloted time), so what's the advantage of using Voxox when i'll use just as much airtime to call directly?

      • Walt Tramontana commented  · 

        @Matt Howell: To answer your question, I would like to use this service on my Polycom Soundpoint IP (SIP) phone to fulfill my home based consulting business' communication needs. I presently use Google Voice, and their call routing "find me" service is great, but I am unable to use my SIP device for outgoing calls without fudging the system for work arounds.

        hok is correct in stating that by not allowing SIP connections, you are really holding the company back from it's full potential. Not to mention the increased revenue. I have researched many VoIP service providers, and can tell you that with your desirable competitive pricing, you'll have people lining up around the block for your service. And then you can increase revenues by upselling with additional services (like expanded conference bridges, auto attendant features, et cetera.)

      • TheOx commented  · 

        Not permitting the SIP registration credentials is only holding this company from gaining market share. I hope they realize this and amend their flawed business plan.

      • Lewy commented  · 

        I wish Voxox would reveal sip settings! Then we coulduse it with an ATA (PAP2T for me), and have conversations on a regular phone without the need to leave a computer running full time.

      • Tahir commented  · 

        I use both WM 6 Smart phone and Android mobile. There are quite a few software's out in the App market's that allow us to use the sip services.

        Example.. There's an app called Nimbuzz which allows us to use the sip settings and make calls from our Voxox accounts.

        It just makes it easier for us so that we don't have to constantly stand by our PC's to make calls or receive them.

      • AdminMatt Howell (Admin, voxox) commented  · 

        Sharing SIP settings with our customers is an interesting idea. It hasn't been something we have endorsed in the past, but we will take a look at what is involved.

        Since this is something you all are interested in, could share some details about your setup, and how you would incorporate this into your workflow? For example, what devices, software clients, etc. are you using?

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